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Joshin Yuki Megami

Joshin Yuki Megami
Joshin Yuki Megami

This sake has been carefully brewed via low-temperature fermentation using -newly- developed 100% Yamagata Prefecture rice suitable for sake brewing called “Yuki Megami". It has a refreshing taste, a full-bodied aroma, and a little sweetness.

How to Drink Our Sake

Serve chilled.
The aroma stands out even more when served in a wine glass.

From a Wine Glass Chilled


  • Delicious Sake Award in Wine Glass 2017 Gold Medal
  • KURA MASTER 2017 Gold Medal
  • IWC Sake Category Silver Medal
  • Delicious Sake in Wine Glass Award 2019 Gold Medal
(excluding tax)
1.8L \ 6,000 yen
720ml \ 3,000 yen
300ml \ 1,400 yen
Raw Rice Made using 100% Yuki Megami rice harvested in Yamagata Prefecture
Rice Polishing Rate 40%
Alcohol Content 16% alcohol
Sake Content -4
Acidity 1.3
Certification Sake certified by GI YAMAGATA

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