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Junmai Ginjo Fuju

Junmai Ginjo Fuju
Junmai Ginjo Fuju

This sake is brewed using 100% Yamagata Prefecture-developed rice suitable for sake brewing called "Dewa no Sato".
It can be enjoyed in a wide range of temperatures from cold to warm, and has a relaxing aroma and flavor.

How to Drink Our Sake

Enjoy at your favorite temperature: cold, room temperature, or warm.

warm at room temperature Chilled


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(excluding tax)
1.8L \ 2,300 yen
720ml \ 1,200 yen
Raw Rice Made using 100% Dewa no Sato rice harvested in Yamagata Precture
Rice Polishing Rate 60%
Alcohol Content 15% alcohol
Sake Content +2
Acidity 1.5
Certification Certified Yamagata selection
Sake certified by GI YAMAGATA

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