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Uyo Itukon Sake no Hana

Uyo Itukon Sake no Hana
Uyo Itukon Sake no Hana

This is a sake brewed using the representative brand rice, “Sake no Hana”, part of the sake rice trilogy developed by Kichirobei Kudo who was a respected farmer in Yamagata during the Taisho era. Dewa no Sato harvested in Yamagata is also used in this sake. The sake has a matured taste and is recommended to be consumed as warm sake or at lukewarm temperature.

How to Drink Our Sake

Enjoy at your favorite temperature: cold, room temperature, or warm.

warm at room temperature Chilled


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(excluding tax)
1.8L \ 2,300 yen
720ml \ 1,200 yen
Raw Rice Made using Sake no Hana and Dewa no Sato rice harvested in Yamagata Prefecture 
Rice Polishing Rate 60%
Alcohol Content 15% alcohol
Sake Content ±0
Acidity 1.5
Certification -