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Uyo Ikkon Dewa no Sato

Uyo Ikkon Dewa no Sato
Uyo Ikkon Dewa no Sato

This is a sake that is brewed using 100% "Dewa no Sato", a rice that is suitable for sake brewing developed in Yamagata Prefecture. From this sake you can catch the flavor of rice while enjoying refreshing taste of Dewa no Sato. This is a reasonably prices sake good for the everyday.

How to Drink Our Sake

Enjoy at your favorite temperature: cold, room temperature, or warm.

warm at room temperature Chilled


  • Delicious Sake Award in Wine Glass 2017 Gold Medal
(excluding tax)
1.8L \ 1,900 yen
720ml \ 952 yen
Raw Rice Made using 100% Dewa no Sato rice harvested in Yamagata Precture
Rice Polishing Rate 70%
Alcohol Content 15% alcohol
Sake Content +2
Acidity 1.5
Certification Sake certified by GI YAMAGATA